Silk Comforter Buying Tips

Before you dash out to a store and buy a silk comforter take a few moments to read these buying tips to ensure you are purchasing the silk comforter that is right for you.

Here are some things to consider and look for.


Buy the best filling you can afford. If your pocketbook can afford it, go for a silk comforter with 100 percent mulberry filling. It is the most durable and the highest quality because mulberry silk comes from silkworms raised in captivity under exacting conditions designed to produce the best silk possible. Comforters with Habutai and Tussah silk will be less expensive but the quality will not be quite as high either.

Silk Fill Weight

Most silk comforter manufacturers have at least two weights of comforters available; one that is more suitable for summer use and a heavier one more suitable for cooler weather. In climates where the weather gets extremely cold it is suggested to use the summer weight and heavier weight comforter together to ensure you will be comfy and cozy no matter what the weather is. However, some silk comforter manufacturers do offer an extra warm silk comforter for extremely cold weather use.

As a general rule, summer weight comforters are 4 -5 pounds; fall weight are 6-10 pounds; and anything 11 pounds or over is for winter weather.

Dont Forget a Duvet Cover

A silk filled comforter should always be encased in a removable duvet cover that can be laundered regularly. The covers are available in a vast array of materials from different weaves and grades of silk to ones made of organic cotton to a combination of materials. The choice is up to you, but I recommend a silk cover for the silk comforter. Why skimp on the cover? But if the silk comforter you are buying is for a child, opt for a cotton cover because it is going to stand up to the wear and tear a child will subject it too better than a silk duvet cover will.

What Your Mummy Didnt Tell You

Silk is measured by its weight, its “momme” (pronounced “mummy”) weight. The higher the momme weight the heavier the silk and the more durable it is. While you should look for sheets with a momme weight of 12-19, look for a duvet cover that is on the high end of that range or even in the 20s. It will be more durable.

Seam or No Seam On the Cover

If you are purchasing a 100 percent silk duvet cover, seams arent necessarily a bad thing. Much of the silk made is only 45 inches wide so it makes sense that a silk duvet cover is going to have to have a seam or two somewhere. Seamless duvet covers can be purchased but the wider silk is more expensive so expect to pay a premium for it. Be wary of “too good to be true” prices on any seamless silk bedding. Its probably not a pure silk product.

If you do purchase bedding with a seam, there will either be a seam down the middle or two off center seams that are closer to the side edges. If you sleep alone and sleep in the middle of your bed choose bedding with off center side seams so you are not laying on or directly covered with a seam. If you or if you and your significant other sleep on either side of the bed, opt for the seam n the middle.

Where to Buy

Will you find a quality silk comforter at your local discount store? It is highly unlikely. How about at your local department store? Its not likely you will find it there either unless it is a high end department store. You are likely to find the highest quality and best price by ordering online, by mail, or via the telephone. Why is that? High quality silk bedding is typically made to order and not mass produced and stocked on shelves or in warehouses somewhere

When purchasing any silk bedding, you get what you pay for. Huge discounts and slashed prices on quality silk bedding are not a common occurrence and often only occur when a certain color or style is being discontinued. If you want to bargain shop, go the flea market and haggle over the price of a throw rug or beaded necklace.

The Ultimate Silk Sheets buying Guide

There is no doubt that purchasing anything made of silk is an investment. The process of growing silkworms, harvesting their cocoons, and turning those cocoons into soft luxurious silk is a demanding and time consuming process.

So before you make that purchase of silk sheets that you are longing to slide in between every night for a blissful nights sleep, here are some things you need to know.

Weight and Thread Count

When looking at silk sheets, thread count is important, but not as important as the “momme” (pronounced like the word “mummy”) weight. Silk is typically measured by momme weight because it is such a fine and light fabric. The higher the momme number on a set of silk sheets, the heavier the fabric. If you are looking at sheets with a momme weight of only 6-9, those sheets are not going be very durable or last long. Silk with a momme weight of 12-19 is good for sheets.

Dont completely disregard thread count. Look for sheets that have a thread count of at least 400.

Types of Silk

There are two basic types of silk, wild silk and cultivated silk. Wild silk, as you might expect, comes from wild silkworms. The filament threads from them are not long continuous threads like those from cultivated silk so it is not as durable or as strong as cultivated. For sheets, durability is a big consideration. Although they cost more, sheets made from cultivated silk are recommended because the thread strands are much longer. Cultivated silk is most often referred to as Mulberry Silk because that is the only food cultivated silkworms eat. Mulberry silk is the most expensive. Tussah, Habutai, and wild silk can all be quite nice too and are a little less expensive.

Satin versus Silk

When looking at silk sheets you may be confused by sheets labeled “satin silk.” Satin does not refer to the actual fabric. Satin refers to the weave of the fabric. The silk filaments in satin silk are woven in a way that gives the fabric a smooth shiny surface. Satin silk woven from mulberry or cultivated silk threads is very luxurious and durable. It may make your pocketbook cry a little too because its also expensive.

Think About Your Mattress

Don’t forget to take the size of your mattress into consideration when purchasing silk sheets. Im not talking about whether your bed is twin-size, full, queen, king, or California king. Im talking about how thick it is. If you have a pillow top mattress you need extra deep sheets. It would be very disappointing to receive the silk sheets you ordered only to find they dont fit on your mattress.

Care of Silk Sheets

Although cost is the biggest barrier to people purchasing silk sheets, the fear of caring for them makes many people shy away from purchasing them too. Although they are not as easy to care for as percale sheets which can get thrown in the washer, tossed in the dryer and come out looking great no matter how much you abuse them, silk sheets require gentler care but its really not that hard.

Most silk sheets do best with hand washing for the first few times, and then being machine washed on the gentle or hand washable cycle using a gentle soap. They should be air dried out of direct sunlight although some people dont have any problems with putting their silk sheets in the dryer and drying them on the air setting to remove the excess moisture and fluff them up.

A Few Benefits of Silk

Silk sheets can be beneficial to your health. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. When a silkworm weaves it cocoon there are naturally occurring substances in it that protect it from various natural threats. Because the process of turning the cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away that natural substance, silk is a natural deterrent to dust mites, mold, and fungus – all things that can bother allergy sufferers and people who suffer from asthma.

Although I dont know if this is proven or not, but the essential amino acids found in silk are said to be good for a persons skin, hair, and nervous system. Sleeping on silk sheets is supposed to delay wrinkling of the skin. Those same amino acids are supposed to be calming which is good for a persons nervous system as being calm allows a persons body to more easily refresh and rejuvenate itself during sleeping hours.

Silk sheets are great in both the summer and the winter. Because silk has a great draping ability, it gently conforms to a persons body which helps to retain heat and keep a person warm in the winter. In the summer its great breatheability properties allow it to wick away moisture and keep a person cool.

Where You Buy Your Silk Sheets Is An Important Consideration
Although department stores are the first place many people go to when buying sheets, you may not want to buy your silk sheets at once because most department stores do not offer high quality silk sheets.

As a general rule, the highest quality silk sheets are ones that are made to order for the buyer. Consider doing business with an online business that is both the manufacturer and the retailer. Not only are their prices competitive, they know their product very well and can answer all the questions you have, and even some you didnt know to ask, before you purchase.

Silk sheets are a wonderful thing to own. Once you have one set, you will want to buy more. That are that wonderful.