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Care Your Silk Products

The characteristics of natural silk let your skin breath through the fabric.Proper care and laundering is important to insure that your fine silk arments provide long lasting wear and maintain their natural characteristics and silky smooth feel.

While silk does need a little more Tender Loving Care than polyester orcotton, you and your body are worth the pampering that fine silk provides.

Machine Laundering

MACHINE WASHING is not recommended.  If you do machine wash,   use cool water & gentle cycle. DO NOT wash with non-delicate garments.

DRY flat or hang garments to dry. Iron inside out while garments are slightly damp.

 Hand Washing

You may launder your fine silks by hand washing them. It should be noted that fine silk garments will not last as long as if they are professionally dry leaned. In today’s hectic world, when you might not have the time to run to the Dry Cleaner, many people find it easier to hand wash their fine silks.

HAND WASH the garments in a sink or tub in COOL water. Never use HOT water, as that might cause damage to the garment.


Use a mild, gentle detergent that will wash away cleanly and will no leave a film or residue on the garment. Soak garment in solution of cool water and mild detergent for approximately 15 minutes. We recommend Woolite.

For stained or heavily soiled garments, let the garment soak in a mixture of cool water and mild detergent for several minutes.

Agitate the garment gently, washing it thoroughly.

Rinse thoroughly in clean, cool water.

Dry by absorbing excess water with an absorbent towel. NEVER    wring or twist the garment, as that might stretch and ruin the delicate silk fabric.

Hang the garment on a plastic hanger or line or dry flat, letting it air dry completely. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds while fabric is still damp.

MACHINE DRYING is not recommended to lengthen the life of your silk garments. If you do machine dry please use low gentle cycle!

Pressing and Ironing

Steaming your silks is the recommended method of removing wrinkles. If a steamer is not available, you may iron your silk garments inside out,  using the lowest gentle heat setting. This works best on damp garment.

Stains and Spills

Obviously we cannot address all types of stains and spills you may encounter, but as a general rule we recommend that the garment be immediately laundered as soon as possible after the spill. This will provide the best possible chance that a stain may come out. 
If immediate Dry Cleaning is not possible, Hand Washing and soaking in COOL water with a mild detergent such as Tenestar will provide the best chance that a stain will be partially or completely removed. Dry Cleaning is Recommended. For best results, pure silk garments should be dry cleaned. Iris Silks recommends that you dry clean all of your fine silk garments to extend the life of the garment, and keep it looking its best.
This method of laundering has been found to increase the life of the garment, allowing it to maintain its natural haracteristics,and look better for a longer period of time.

You may use any professional Dry Cleaner located near your home.

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