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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Silk Sheets

Why do I think you should avoid purchasing cheap silk sheets? In the world of silk bedding you truly do get what you pay for. If you spend $150 dollars (or the equivalent) on a bargain set of silk sheets for your king size bed, you will be getting a bargain set of silk sheets that is made from a lower quality silk and that likely also contains other non silk fibers in the weave. The bargain sheets will not hold up well over time and will be destined for the scrap heap in a short amount of time. It reminds me of a saying my Mom had which went like this, “If it looks like a bargain, feels like a bargain, and smells like a bargain, be very wary because it is probably no bargain at all.”

There are typically only a few occasions where high quality silk sheets will be reduced in price to the point of a being a real bargain. If a color or style is being discontinued manufacturers will discount the sheets. There may also be periodic sales or special pricing if silk sheets, a silk comforter, and a silk duvet cover are all purchased at the same time.

My son recently purchased a new set of sheets and was in a “bargain price” shopping mode. He made the mistake of looking at only two things: price and whether or not the sheets were seamless because he knew he wanted seamless sheets. He got a bargain, just like he wanted. He is now the no so proud owner of silk sheets that arent nearly as soft and luxurious as he wanted and are quickly wearing out. He knows he will have to replace the sheets within a year.

If you are determined to purchase a silk sheets but have a budget that currently does not allow for their purchase, it is a good time to practice you skills of patience, saving, and the willingness to delay the pleasure of owning them until you can afford a good quality set. Instead purchase a good quality set of Egyptian cotton sheets to use now. They are soft yet durable. Then save until you can afford good silk sheets.

Here are the three most important things to look for in a high quality set of sheets that will last a long time:

  1. 100 percent mulberry silk, also called cultivated silk or bombyx silk
  2. A momme count (pronounced “mummy” and indicated by the symbol “mm”) of no less than 12. Momme is a standard weight measurement for silk fabric and indicates the heft or weight of the fabric. The higher the momme number the heaver the fabric and the more silk that was used in the production of that piece of fabric.
  3. Thread count of 400 or higher although this is not nearly as important of a consideration as the type of silk used and the momme count.

You will be happy you passed up the cheap silk sheets and waited until you could afford high quality silk sheets every night when you climb into bed and are caressed as you drift off to sleep in the pure silks luxurious softness. You will also be happy years down the road when those silk sheets are still in good shape because you purchased ones that were durable.

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