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Key Benefits Of Organic Silk Sheets

Organic Silk Sheets are rich in color and in texture. They are smooth and soft and make you feel like you are living a life of luxury. You do not have to feel guilty about that luxury either because the sheets are very earth friendly.

Silk is a natural fiber made by a small silkworm that spins a cocoon. This cocoon is one long strand that can stretch almost 5000 feet. The thread is very durable and it has a sheen and luster. It is also very easy to weave.

The difference between regular silk and organic silk is that the organic variety is not bleached. It is not dyed in any hazardous dyes that could compromise the environment. The silk does not go through as much processing as regular silk does. Some organic silk is loomed by hand. This is a long and involved process but it does put people to work and uses much less energy. When silk is weighted salts are added to the fibers in order to make it heavier. Silk is sold by weight so this guarantees more money. Organic silk is usually not weighed and therefore the salt is not present in the fabric.

There are many advantages to organic silk sheets. The first is that the fabric breaths. It will keep moisture away from the body and allows the body to cool. There are not too many people allergic to silk because it is resistant to mildew and mold. It will not attract insects like moths and the protein in silk keeps dust mites away. Although it should be laundered occasionally silk will not get dirty. Dirt and odor just slips off the fibers.

Make sure to read the manufacturer instructions on how to launder silk sheets. Because there is no chemicals in the fibers of the material organic sheets may wrinkle a bit after washing them. Once spreading it over the bed the wrinkles should straighten out a bit. Use a mild soap; one used for hand washing fabric and never use bleach or fabric softener. You do not want to put chemicals into the fabric that were never there to begin with. Also avoid dryer sheets. Dark colored sheets need to be washed alone so their color will not run.

You can make the darker colors more color fast. Before using the sheets pre wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle. Put in a mild soap and about one half cup of white vinegar. Place them in the dryer on the low setting and let them go for 15 minutes. Remove from the drier. Your organic silk sheets might still be a little damp and if they are hang them over a cloths line until completely dry.

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