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The Interior Design Move to Natural Materials

Interior design is very much like the world of fashion because things change with new trends.  The only really good thing is the fact that interior design is more of an art the has a much longer shelf life… really, as long as you like it, there isn’t much to worry about.

Interior Design

One of the biggest trends in 2020 to this point is using natural materials.  It’s not just fabrics and paints anymore, it’s woods, metals, carpets, and more.   There is a big design factor with the trend but it’s also about health and getting rid of chemical treated materials that can contaminate our environments. 

When you’re in the kitchen, it can be a lot more difficult to design with natural materials, but the best way to start is get rid of plastics and use untreated woods instead.  Ceiling fans are always a big design of the kitchen and it’s easy to get your fan from a sustainable wood like bamboo.

Using natural materials is much easier when you move to the living room and bedroom.  Sometimes the coffee table is the center piece of the living room and you can get these with natural woods easily.   Other pieces you can us are chests which I think make for great design. Many of these are all natural as well. 

If you use carpet or rugs, these are very big in the natural sector now.  Fabrics like special wools different wool blends are free of chemicals and repel bugs and other dust mites.

This trend of organic fabrics can continue in the bedroom with bedding like silk sheets and bamboo sheets.  All these beddings fabrics and other fabrics can really bring a lot to a bedroom in regards to design through different senses. 

It doesn’t just stop there because your bed frame and all the choices that go along with that are important and many woods for frames are now all natural too.   The only catch is that finding these materials from the frames to the things like queen bedding can be a tough task. 

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